My friends and I are experimenting with CafePress's T-shirt printing process!  Since each image needs to have a separate "shop" at CafePress, we're showing all the designs together on this page, with links to the appropriate "shops".   If you'd like to see how these designs look on T-shirts, simply click on that image to go to its "shop".

By the way, If you like a design, but would prefer it to be a slightly different size or on a differently colored shirt, by all means drop us a line (, and we'll see what we can do!


Designs By Janet


Fire Wheel

Pentagram in Reds

Frondite in Reds


Designs by Elizabeth


Flower in Purples and Blues

Barcelona Church





The Gehry Building at MIT







Designs by Irene


Sickle Head Mower in Brown

Mower Head in Blue

Mower Head in Green



Seahorse on Coral

Running Figure in Green

Running Figure in Blue






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